All About ERTOA

In October 2006 ERTOA was formally incorporated as an association in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) under the terms of the ACT Associations Incorporation Act 1991.

Registration of the ERTOA was moved to New South Wales on 20 March 2017.

The aim of ERTOA is to achieve and maintain national recognition as the peak representative body and association of choice for enterprise RTOs, and those working within RTOs or enterprises delivering training primarily to their staff.

To achieve this, ERTOA provides its members with the support and assistance they need to operate effectively and efficiently, and actively seek to influence the Australian VET sector and promote the interests of members.

ERTO & Corporate members are drawn from a wide range of small, medium and large organisations and includes some of Australia’s biggest and most successful businesses.  Individual members also work within a wide range of Australian organisations.

The membership covers a diverse range of industry sectors – from mining and heavy manufacturing to hospitality, financial and community services.

The chart on the left shows the distribution of Australian ERTOs by enterprise size in terms of total number of employees.  It highlights the fact that enterprise size is not a significant factor in the business decision of an enterprise to seek and maintain registration as an RTO.