Benefits of Membership

Benefits of Membership

Why join ERTOA and what are the benefits of membership?

A little bit of history … There are a range of reasons why enterprises deliver their training in house.  Some choose to deliver unaccredited training, and others choose to become registered as RTOs, so that they can deliver accredited training. These reasons are explored in some detail in a number of ERTOA publications, but specifically for ERTOs in the document “Building the RTO business case”, which reflects the experiences of a number of member enterprises.

In the early 2000s, a number of ERTO managers began to meet informally to talk about common issues in running their ERTOs. They needed support and access to each others’ experiences and rarely found VET workshops, conferences or research papers that recognised and addressed their specific needs.

From little things big things grow, and an active community of practice emerged from these early informal meetings.  In 2006, an association of ERTOs was formally incorporated and nine member enterprises attended the inaugural Annual General Meeting held in Adelaide in October 2006. 

Since then ERTOA has grown strongly with increased membership every year and now includes many of Australia’s best known and most successful business enterprises.

In 2017, a decision was made to broaden ERTOA’s membership to include Corporate and Individual members.  This was done to allow organisations and individuals who engage in the delivery of accredited training to employees, volunteers and contractors within organisations access to ERTOA’s resources and network.  This also provides ERTOA the opportunity to hear from and subsequently represent those who operate within the VET sector, yet are often overlooked as stakeholders.  

What does ERTOA offer its members?

ERTOA offers you direct contact and access to training professionals working in the same challenging training environment as you.

ERTOA also works to ensure your views and interests are heard and acted upon in the development and implementation of National and State VET policy and procedures. The bottom line is that ERTOA was established by people like you to help you improve the business performance of your enterprises.

ERTOA can support you and benefit your RTO, and improve the business outcomes of your enterprise by:

  • Providing an effective forum for members to share expertise, problems, processes and products.
  • Convening regular face-to-face meetings of members to discuss issues of relevance to you.
  • Developing and running professional development activities that are meaningful and relevant to your business training environment.
  • Commissioning and publishing research and review project reports designed to help you to run your training and to improve the business performance in your enterprise
  • Developing guidelines for the implementation of training within an enterprise environment
  • Providing advice and support on compliance and audit issues (for ERTO members)
  • Providing opportunities and support for you to represent ERTOA, and the views of your industry and enterprise, in a wide range of VET activities and initiatives including:
    • Training Package review panels
    • National Quality Council working groups
    • Service Standard Organisations
    • Industry Representative Counsils
  • Providing a strong and recognised voice to represent the views and interests of enterprise in key discussions about policy and research direction and priorities for the Australian VET sector
  • Providing access to National and State senior policy developers and VET-related Government Ministers and advisors, and a ‘seat at the table’ when policy is developed.
  • Establishing regular and formal dialogue on common issues with the other peak VET provider groups including TAFE Directors Australia (TDA), Australian Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET) and Group Training Australia (GTA).
  • A Member Services Manager to assist you.