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ERTOA Elects New President

ERTOA is proud to announce that Pamela Simon has been elected to the position of President at the Annual General Meeting held on 18 November 2021 in Sydney.  Pamela has held the role of Vice President for the last five years, and was an ordinary member prior to that role for a period of six years.

This was ERTOAs 15th Annual General Meeting, with Chris Butler having held the role of ERTOA President from ERTOA’s inception in 2006.  Chris currently works for Volunteer Marine Rescue NSW, but in his term as President has worked at several ERTOs, including the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Insurance Group Australia and Qantas.

Pamela noted that Chris’ 15 years in the role was integral to ERTOAs recognition as a Peak Body in the VET sector.  She noted that Chris had been vital to the important advances made by ERTOA.

All roles on the ERTOA Committee are comprised of association members.  Pamela is the National Learning and Development Manager for Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA), having joined SLSA in January 2014.  Previously she worked as the Academy Education Manager for Surf Life Saving NSW.

Pamela has a Masters in Adult Education and a number of qualifications in VET. She has worked for not-for-profits since 2003 and been employed in the VET system in a variety of roles for more than two decades. She has previously worked in the hospitality industry, both in Australia and abroad.

“VET and adult education are very much a part of my DNA,” noted Pamela after the AGM.  Pamela is looking forward to working with the newly elected ERTOA Committee to build on the “extraordinary legacy which Chris has left for this organisation,” to focus on the future of VET and Enterprise RTOs within the VET Sector in Australia.

Outgoing President Chris Butler acknowledged Pamela’s appointment and thanked committee members for their service and commitment to ERTOA during his time as President.

“I’ve met some wonderful people. It’s been an incredible 15 years and I’m very proud to have served the organisation”, Chris Butler said. 

During the AGM, Garry Hurley (Defence) retired as the Treasurer after 10 years, passing the baton on to Jeffrey Lehrer of The Scouts Australia.  Karen Plowman (McDonalds Australia) was appointed as Vice President, after representing the organisation as an ordinary member for five years.

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