ERTOA Committee

Shelby Munro-Smith

Ordinary Member

RTO Manager

Public Transport Authority of Western Australia


Shelby Munro-Smith is a dedicated professional with a 25-year career in the Rail Industry Sector. Currently serving as the RTO Manager at the Public Transport Authority of Western Australia.
With a diverse background that encompasses various areas within the rail industry. She began her career in the country passenger services division of the organisation, where she gained valuable insights into the intricacies of public transport operations, and later transitioned into roles in Human Resources, Learning & Development, and Quality and Compliance. This multi-faceted background has provided her with a holistic understanding of the industry.
One of Shelby’s core strengths lies in her stakeholder engagement abilities. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated a natural talent for fostering strong and collaborative relationships with stakeholders from various backgrounds. Her approachable and empathetic nature allows her to understand the needs and concerns of stakeholders, leading to more effective decision-making and project execution.
Beyond her professional responsibilities, Shelby is known for her dedication to giving back to the industry she loves. As a Peer Supporter in Public Transport, she focuses on providing encouragement and understanding for employee’s well-being.
As the RTO Manager of the Public Transport Authority of Western Australia, Shelby Munro-Smith continues to lead with integrity, a passion for Continuous Improvement, and a focus on stakeholder engagement.